I’m a bit of a hypochondriac when it comes to my dog, always thinking he needs a full set of l

I’m a bit of a hypochondriac when it comes to my dog, always thinking he needs a full set of labs and vet examination every time he looks at me funny.  But can you blame me?  He did have four surgeries within the first seven months that we had him.  Yesterday he gave me the biggest scare since that fourth surgery.

He woke me up early by crying.  This is fairly uncommon considering he prefers to sleep til noon most days.  I finally caved and took him outside where he did not have to go to the bathroom.  We went back inside, I ate breakfast as he continued this crying.  I thought it was strange that he didn’t want to eat the scraps I handed him, but wrote it off as a doggie mood swing.

And then he continued to cry.  Finally after being so annoyed by the non stop crying I put his leash on him and we headed for the park.  We enjoyed a nice walk, no catastrophes.  Then as we’re leaving the park he just sits down.  Very strange for my very hyper dog.  So I’m all, “Come on Brady!” and keep walking. 

He appears to be walking kind of slow and off balance and then he sits down again.  I get down so I’m face to face with him and see that he can’t put his tongue in his mouth.  He can’t close his eyes or move his mouth.  It appears that his face is paralyzed. 

After about thirty seconds he is able to get his tongue back in his mouth, and we stay sitting in the middle of the park walkway for a good ten minutes.  Of course I didn’t bring my cell phone, no one is passing me by and the hubs is sleeping soundly on the other side of the country. 

So I ask him if he can get up, and he slowly stands.  We had no option but to walk the rest of the way home, which he managed.  As soon as I got home I called our vet who says it sounds like he had a seizure. 

My leg breaking, needle swallowing dog also now has seizures??  Great.  Just great.

From a Google search I learned that some dogs cry for a couple of hours before having seizures.  Now I’m going to be paranoid every time he whines because he got his ball stuck under the couch. 

This is not good for my dog-is-always-sick paranoia. 

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