Well, if I thought that dealing with the hubs’ motorcycle was a busy weekend I had another thi

Well, if I thought that dealing with the hubs’ motorcycle was a busy weekend I had another thing coming.  This weekend was the exact opposite of what I call relaxing.  Normally I like to wake up on the weekends, watch a bit of tv, surf the web…

Unfortunately the realities of moving kicked in and bright and early Saturday morning we had to go get the moving truck, since they aren’t open on Sundays.  Then we had some last minute errands to run followed by a solid ten hours of packing.  We briefly considered going out to dinner but then realized we still had many hours of packing still ahead of us.  It’s all the little stuff.  It just has a way of adding up and DRIVING YOU CRAZY. 

I think I can single handedly keep Goodwill in business.

We finally made it to bed sometime around midnight on Saturday (which is two hours past my maximum bedtime) and woke up at seven am Sunday morning (which is three hours before hubs’ wake up time).

We were exhausted.

The movers arrived, and let me tell you they earned every dollar.  I was having serious nightmares that all of our stuff would not fit in that truck.  Two beds, two dressers, a sectional, a buffet and enough boxes to stock a department store. 

The hubs stayed home to supervise the movers, while my mom and I took Brady downtown so he wouldn’t get in the way of the movers.  Or try to chase them.

Two hours later the hubs calls and says I can come home, the movers are done and our stuff is securely inside the truck.  Seriously, if anyone in my area is moving they’d be crazy not to use these guys.

We spent the rest of yesterday giving the apartment a deeper cleaning than it had ever seen before.  I spent TWO HOURS cleaning the bathroom.  No, it wasn’t THAT dirty, it’s just as big as our living room will be in New York.  I scrubbed the jacuzzi tub, the toilet, the floors, the french doors.  This bathroom has never sparkled so brightly.  The hubs puttied and painted, and my mom vacuumed, organized and made the hubs’ office sparkle.

And then we all passed out from exhaustion.

Tomorrow morning the hubs will drive the truck up to New York, where hopefully the movers there will be just as fabulous.

Up next: unpacking.  Good luck, hubs.

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