And that’s why you should stay in school.

A couple of days ago I took the rugrats on their first trip to Six Flags.  We decided to stop for a slice of pizza, one of those counters that you just go up to and take the slice and you’re on your way.

We stand there in 100+ degree weather for literally fifteen minutes while the couple in front of us and Phil and Lil and I stood waiting.  And waiting.

This is what the geniuses behind the counter were doing: taking an order, going to the back, making it and then WAITING FOR IT TO FINISH.  Really?  Is that the most productive way you could be doing this?  Or even the third most productive way?

So finally I decide that we’re leaving, that there has to be somewhere faster to get a slice. As we walk away Phil asks, “Why didn’t we get our pizza there?  Why was it taking so long?”

“Because they dropped out of school.  Stay in school so you can get a good job, Phil.”

He seems to accept that and a couple minutes later we are waiting at what appears to be an even less productive food establishment.  All of the sudden Phil says at the top of his lungs, “JOAN, HOW DID YOU KNOW THOSE PEOPLE DROPPED OUT OF SCHOOL?”

I about hid under the counter from embarrassment. 

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