For Emergencies Only

I wouldn’t feel right about leaving Maryland without one last post for my mom.  I mean, the lady has been full of the most ridiculous stories, making this last year highly enjoyable for myself and the hubs.  We often find ourselves late at night sitting and laughing about things she’s said or done earlier in the day.

So last Friday night we went out to dinner with my parents, and as we’re enjoying our meal my mom starts telling us about her week at my Pop-pop’s. She and my aunts have been working their butts off all summer cleaning out Pop-pop’s house, having the wood floors stripped and re-varnished, decorating, throwing out priceless treasures random crap to prepare to put it on the market.  You name it, they’ve done it. This particular story involves my mom, Aunt Joan and Aunt Eileen (mom to new blogger, Sean!) 

Really, this extra large project has kept Jean busy all summer, therefore distracting her from forcing us to help her with projects around her house.  I can’t believe I made it through the entire summer without helping strip wallpaper.

Back to dinner: Mom starts describing how the sisters were outside and see something that looks like a dead mouse on the porch.  So my aunts get a long pole and poke at it once.  Nothing.  Poke at it twice.  It wakes up, hisses at them, shows its fangs and appears to go back to sleep.

Instead of doing the logical thing: calling animal control, the sisters decided TO CALL 911.  Really?  Having a bat on your front porch warrants the emergency help line.  THE ONE FOR EMERGENCIES.  

But Mom’s response to our questioning her use of the emergency number was, “But it was daytime!!”

The hubs’s response was, “It’s not a vampire, Jean.”

The lady on the other end OF THE EMERGENCY HELPLINE gave my mom some numbers to call (not that she couldn’t have looked them up herself on her iPhone…).  In the meantime my aunts decide to poke at it again.  Because they couldn’t leave well enough alone.

Next thing you know the vampire bat has woken up again, hisses again and then flies off.  

If that wasn’t 911 worthy, I don’t know what is.

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