To My Parents

“Oh, when the kids are old enough

We’re going to teach them to fly.

You and me together, we could do anything Baby.

You and me together, yes yes”

As we drove to our final dinner together and I watched my Dad turn up the volume and sing the chorus loudly to Mom and say, “This is our song”, I couldn’t help but hope that in thirty years I am as blissfully happy as my parents.

Most newlyweds would die at the thought of living with their parents, but I would just like to say, for the record, I loved it.  My mom is my best friend, my father is my other half.  They welcomed the hubs and myself in without hesitation, and then held us and cried when we left.

I learned so much in the past year.  Watching your parents as you grow up is quite different from watching them when you’re an adult.  I saw them interact with the world in a way that I missed as a child.  The way they spoke to each other, the way they love and listen.  How they respected each other and myself.

This last year has been one of my absolute favorites, and as I navigate life in the city I hope I can take a glimpse of what I learned in my parent’s house.

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