Apartment Tour, Part 1

Blogging will be slightly sporadic this week because the earliest Time Warner could get out to install the internet is FRIDAY.  Not to mention to get the cheapest rate we had to sign up for the “Triple Play” package, which means I will soon have a land line of my very own.  I seriously never thought the day would come, but here I am a 24 year old New York City resident with a land line.  I guess I better purchase a phone? 

 So, the first stop in our apartment tour will be the guestroom/office.  This room is pretty much 100% complete, except the hubs still needs to hang his bike on the wall.  Do I think that will get done before he leaves Thursday for two and a half weeks?  Doubtful.

What room is no where near 100% complete?  The master bedroom.  Mostly because I still need to organize my clothes, we have a dresser that we need to sell and my shoe shelves are not yet on the wall.  I’m hopeful that the hubs will be able to hang these before he leaves, otherwise I’ll be in the midst of a huge mess until he gets back.

Remember this quilt?

Be forewarned: Brady LOVES looking out the window in the guestroom.

Some artwork that Phil and Lil made for me is hanging over the bed.

And his and hers desk.  But really, my desk.

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