Babies and Balloons

Last night I hosted “dinner swap” with Sarah and Melissa and their husbands.  My hubs left yesterday for a two and a half week trip to Iceland.  And Denmark.  So to spite him I cooked for the first time in a year.  Everyone said it was delicious.  I’m not sure if they lied or not, but whatever I MADE IT.

But even more exciting than the sight of me in the kitchen was that Melissa and her husband found out if they were having a son or a daughter.  And to announce it they brought balloons.  To my house.  Did I ever mention I have a huge fear of balloons?  Specifically the thought of balloons popping.

Melissa had thought up this great idea of making us pop the balloons to find out what the baby was going to be.  Great idea.  Just great.

To find out if they’re having a son or daughter, and to watch the video of me staying far away from said balloons, you’ll have to look at her official announcement.

Then everyone went home and look what I was left with:

This reminds me of the time that I walked into work and Linda had also forgotten about my fear of balloons, so I had to work the entire day surrounded by them.

Speaking of Linda, I had the pleasure of going out to her house this morning and meeting the most beautiful baby.  Her little Samantha is such a blessing, and slept in my arms for my entire visit.  She even slept through the ordeal when Linda and I could not figure out how to get her car seat base into my car.  What a champ!

I swear, I’m not about to drop her in this picture.  I had a firm grip, promise.  I’d like to give a special hello to Samantha’s daddy Louis, who I found out is one of my faithful followers.  Don’t forget I’m coming out for barbecue next week, Lou! 

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