Things I’ve heard many times since moving back:

Wow, you’re got settled really fast!  You even have pictures on the walls!

Well, the hubs took three days off of worked and worked his butt off trying to get this place in shape.  Then I like to think I helped a bit when I got here.  Plus, we hate living among boxes and in a mess, so it was definitely top priority.

What kind of dog is that??

A mutt.  Specifically a yellow one.

How old is he?

Two years, six months and 29 days.  Approximately.

Brady is such a different dog!  He’s so calm now!

You’re telling me!  I’m not sure what happened, but I’ll take it!

Have you gone on any interviews?

Yes, and I was offered two different positions.  I accepted one as a full time nanny.  This time to a younger Phil and Lil.  Phil is 18 months and Lil is 3 years.  And yes, I’m terrified.

Are you happy to be back?

Yes.  100% yes.

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