Wine Samples and Rock Stars

I left on Friday to visit a couple of friends out in the midwest.  First stop was visiting Lauren in Indianapolis.  Friday night we got to recreate her first date with her boyfriend.  She subconsciously took me to the restaurant where they had their first date, and then the wine bar they went to after dinner.

The wine bar was a really cool idea.  You loaded money onto a store card and then insert it into the wine station of your choice.  Choose a wine, press the button and have a 2 ounce sample.  I loved that I could try really expensive wines for a $4 sample.

As Lauren and I are catching up over some wine samples we see this hipster guy walk in and I say to Lauren, “That guy is either really rich or really broke” and we continue on with our catching up.  A couple minutes later an employee comes over and says, “Did you see the Kings of Leon and Black Keys in here??”  

Ohhh, that’s who that was.  I guess that would fit under the “really rich” category.

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