Well, the hubs is finally home after nearly three weeks.  Brady and I met him curbside, so that Brady wouldn’t pee with excitement inside of our apartment.  Situation averted.

I cooked the hubs a welcome home dinner (and a “this is your last meal cooked by me in a long time, so start thinking of what you’re cooking for dinner this week” kind of dinner) and then we sat down to watch the Eagles.  And by “we sat down to watch” I mean I surfed Facebook while he watched the game.  Ahh, football season.  How you always manage to sneak up on me, and then stay around for six months too many.

Then I did three weeks worth of his laundry.  And by “did his laundry” I do in fact mean “took it across the street and paid someone to do it for me”.

Today is my first day with little Phil and Lil.  I’m pretty nervous and pretty sure I’m going to come home at the end of the day exhausted.  That’s where my making dinner last night comes into play.  Now it’s the hubs’ turn.  I’ll try my hardest to let you know if I make it through an entire day with the rugrats, but who knows?  I’m pretty sure I will pass out before 8pm.

Not before fully fed by the hubs, of course.

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