Survived my first week as a nanny, only minor injuries.

Having worked well over forty hours by Thursday afternoon the kids’ mom told me to take Friday off.  Yes, please.  This job is exhausting!  Not only am I practically raising two children, but I have to do it in “The Walking City”.

My yesterday was made up of one very prestigious doctor’s visit, where the doctor would examine the child’s eyes and say something like, “Have you had her eyes examined?”


“Oh, well they look great.”

Why would you freak a parent out like that??  Then I was coerced into a flu shot, which I have not had in all of my adult years.  But if my employer was going to foot the bill then I might as well just get the shot.  Now my left arm is throbbing.  Well, from the shot and from totting around a toddler on my hip all day.

Between morning runs with the dog, carrying crying children and pushing around a double stroller all over Manhattan I am going to be ripped. 

Thursday my life was a scene out of Modern Family.  The one where the gay couple takes their daughter to the music and dance class.  Yea, I went to that class.  I was hoping I could just drop the kid off and go sit in Starbucks for an hour, but low and behold the nannies got to stay!  It was Jack and myself and four other nannies with their toddlers.  We sit in a circle on the little carpet squares and next thing I know this girl about my age with the most beautiful voice starts singing at the top of her lungs, “HELLO, GOOD DAY, LET’S SING A SONG TOGETHER!!!!!”  So we sang the usual Wheels on the Bus, High Ho the Dairy oh and Old McDonald while Jack clung to me and refused to participate.  He is only 19 months, mind you.  Then this girl goes on to sing about how Monet, Manet and Van Gough are our inspirations for the day.  She shows us pictures of all of these things and then sings about them some more.  These kids are babies!!  I think they’re still back there at “Old McDonald had a cow”.

But then again as we drove down Fifth Avenue yesterday Jill did ask me if we could go to The Met.  The Egyptian sculptures are her favorite.

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