The Nanny Diaries takes a break

I swear I’m not purposefully trying to turn this blog into The Nanny Diaries. But when you spend eleven hours a day with two ridiculously cute children it’s generally all I have to talk about. Like I will not tell you about how Jack exploded into his diaper this morning and it ran down his pajama pant leg and he trampled it all over the apartment.

No, instead I will talk about the other baby in my life: Brady. Remember a month or so back when he had a seizure? Between now and then I took him to the vet, got him tested for every this and that I could and we left with a clean bill of health. Then my hubs goes away for three weeks and things suddenly get weird. Hubs started telling me that everytime he comes home from work Brady has a short seizure. Honestly I don’t think much of it until a full week goes by and Brady has continued to have a small seizure everytime the hubs walks through the door. I finally called the vet when the hubs ran across the street for all of five minutes Saturday morning and when he walks in the door BOOM. Seizure. Seeing it first hand and after he’d been gone merely five minutes I picked up the phone and called our vet (who we love love love) who immediately decides Brady should go on seizure meds. This little pound puppy’s medical expenses are getting to be a bit high.

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