The Landlord Situation: Update

Earlier in the week I was talking with a couple of friends who were curious to whatever happened with The Landlord Situation.  Well, nothing really.  It’s been incredibly awkward everytime we see them, and we make small talk and then hurry away into our apartments.

The first time I saw Clyde after the situation occured he was sitting on the front porch, as per the use.  He got up like he was on fire, ran down the front porch stairs and ran to the other end of the garden area in front of the house almost to hide in the corner.  Not being able to take social cues I say, “Morning Clyde!  How’s everything going?”  I’m pretty sure he’s not my biggest fan.

Anyways, I’m telling all of this to my friends and I tell them about how some things in our apartment have been moved around while I was away.  Things that were out of reach of the dog and he couldn’t possibly move anyways.  And how this happened when we lived here years ago, except on an even greater scale.  I once came home from work to find pictures and magnets from the refrigerator gone from the outside and resting inside of the refrigerator.

That’s when my friend Jacob suggests that we have a ghost.  After googling the address I can’t find any history of ghosts, but you just never can tell.

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