The Craig’s List Adventures

For any and all of you out there who have used Craig’s List you know it can be an amazing tool for selling random crap or finding exactly what you need for a quarter of the price.  But the more I use it, the more I encounter some interesting folks.

Like the time I emailed someone to buy a window unit air conditioner, and she responded back that it had been sold.  But as a consolation she gave me a link to a website where you could order a free teeth whitening kit.

I ask for an air conditioner and instead you give me a link to make my teeth white?

Then most recently I’ve been trying to sell a pair of designer rain boots I got a few years back.

Here are some of the responses I’ve gotten (these are copied and pasted verbatim, I did not alter them in any way):

mam …u still have it can u give less mam…i work in bakery east side i can meet u mam thank you

u still have it mama? rain boots?

Hmmm, I’m in love with these boots & I would like to buy them immediately but I’m not sure if this is my size.  Are they tight around the calves? Because mines have quite size on them! I fell in love I hope they fit. Another thing is I would be able to buy them on thursday when I get paid!! So would you like to schedule this thursday that would be cool, but I’d hate to get my hopes up & they don’t fit!

I had a slew of other people asking me to wait until the end of the week for pay day or using words like “kool”.  Am I getting that old that I finally chose the person I would sell the boots to based on grammar and punctuation?  And for not calling me “mama”. 

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