A Day on the Farm

This weekend I got to go out to Long Island to visit Linda (here and here and here), her husband Louis and baby Samantha.  Back when it was just Linda and Louis (and the hubs was just “the boyfriend”) they would entertain me on weekends when hubs was traveling.  The trend was continued this weekend except instead of fussing over me they were fussing over a baby.  But I’m an adult, I understand.  I promise.

They took us to an adorable farm, one that I lived five minutes from for a full year and never visited once.  Well there was that one time that the hubs and I went to buy our very first Christmas tree together and they tried to charge us $100.

It was so amazing getting to spend an entire day basking in the warm sun and catching up on things like baby poop.  The farm was putting on a Fall Festival where they had a pumpkin patch, petting zoo and caramel apples.

Baby Samantha however seemed less than interested in the petting zoo portion of the farm.

I promised Linda I wouldn’t talk about how Samantha was channeling Olivia Newton John in “Let’s Get Physical” so this is me not talking about it:

I unfortunately missed getting a shot of when she fell on her face and started bawling.  But I was left with this adorable shot instead:

Thanks to Linda and Louis for another great weekend!

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