Funny Story (In Hindsight)

At least that’s how I prefaced the story to the hubs.  Last week as I was leaving work, paycheck in hand I sandwiched it between my phone and my Nook.  As I was waiting for the elevator to take me downstairs the hubs calls and I talked to him as I rode down the elevator and walked four blocks to the subway.  We said our goodbyes and then I realized, “The check is gone.”  Not in my hand, not in my pocket not in my purse.  I’ve dropped it. 

So I decide to walk back the four blocks to work and see if I’ve dropped it on the street somewhere.  Of course I don’t have my hopes up considering it’s New York City, and a windy night at that.  I walk back and of course don’t see it.

I walk through the lobby of the building and see nothing.  At this point I call my boss and ask her to look outside of her apartment, because I don’t feel like riding the ancient and slow elevator up fourteen floors.  She looks and doesn’t see it.  I look inside the elevator itself and don’t see it.  Over the phone I discuss options with my boss: it costs $50 to cancel a check, she can write me a new one- do I want it now or wait til Monday?  Being that I was already late to meet with friends I tell her I’ll wait until Monday.  On the way out I stop and ask the doorman if anyone has brought him a check and he of course laughs at me.

Great, it’s gone.

I walk out of the building and on the corner of the street a woman is standing and she approaches me and says, “Are you Joan?”

Huh?  What?  Yea, that’s me!

She pulls a folded up check out of her pocket and says, “Is this yours?”

Yes!  Yes it is!

The woman continues to tell me she saw the check and looked for me but I was already gone.  So she just waited on the corner, assuming I would come back.  And I’ve literally never seen this woman in my life.

I’m assuming maybe she’s seen me with the kids before and knows their mom, whose name is on the check.  I told this story to my Dad and he said she was an angel.  A real life angel.

Well, apparently I have ghosts in my life, so what’s an angel or two?

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