Give Daddy Kisses!

The past week while the hubs has been in London I have been in charge of the car. Which means I take it to work everyday, and then Brady gets to come along. My boss loves dogs but with two kids and a very busy career knows it’s just not in the cards. So when I told her that I had a dog she immediately asked if I would bring him to work. Would I? Yes please!

Brady is beyond spoiled so to find an employer that loves dogs as much as I do was a huge bonus. Not to mention the kids chase him around for hours, so the dog is tired, the kids are tired and I’m feeling pretty well rested.

The one down side is there are no changing tables in their apartment. And like I said earlier Jack has some pretty crazy poop (that he tries to touch and then touch me…no thank you.)

So needless to say when I change Jack’s diaper (on the floor because there are no changing tables) Brady becomes very interested. Like very interested.

As I’m getting ready to give the kids a bath I realize Jack has one of his infamous poops. I try to quickly change the diaper because water and bubbles are quickly approaching the top of the bathtub, but this was a mondo poop. Jack had done some work.

I’m wiping ferociously and I turn around to see the bath about to overflow and Brady LICKING THE POOPY DIAPER. Like face fully submerged in the diaper and tongue making contact with feces.

So, when the hubs got home from London last night I made sure to encourage Brady, “Give Daddy kisses!!”

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