Cold & Kids (repeat)

Last weekend I came down with a cold that I caught from Jack and Jill. All three of us were pretty miserable and struggling through the busy week.

I go home Friday afternoon finally feeling back to normal. Literally the second I got home after 50+ hours of work on Friday the doorbell rings. Or rather someone knocks at the door. The landlord has yet to fix the doorbell that has been broken since we moved in August. But I digress.

Who is at the door? Phil and Lil! They were coming to stay with me over the weekend and we would sight see around New York together while their parents enjoyed a romantic weekend in the city alone. Being a caregiver myself I fully respect the importance of some time to yourself, so I was happy to give that to Phil and Lil’s parents.

But gee wiz, watching two little kids all week and then the second you get home entertaining two older kids is exhausting! Not to mention Lil had an awful cold that seems to have made it’s way to me. This is where the “repeat” comes in.

So Friday night I took Phil and Lil to S’mac on the lower east side, which is a restaurant where you can only order various types of gourmet Mac and Cheese. They absolutely loved it. Following dinner we went to a chocolate restaurant for dessert where I think they had a bit of a sugar overload.

Saturday we woke up early, spent more time than I ever thought possible at the Lego store, American Girl and Toys R Us. After a late lunch we went down to the Statue of Liberty. Needless to say I was EXHAUSTED.

After they left Sunday morning I crashed on the couch, caught up on Teen Mom and The Real Housewives series and had a well deserved nap.

Now if you’ll excuse me I think Jack and Jill are waking up from their nap. Time for ballet, baby music class and preschool. Repeat.


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