An Update on The Boy

As you may remember Brady had been having seizures that were happening daily and lasting over a three plus week time period.  Our vet in Maryland had prescribed a pill that didn’t seem to have any affect on the seizures.

So I took him to a vet in New York and they changed his medicine.  That along with hiring a dog walker and taking him to work when possible really seem to be working.  He hasn’t had a bad seizure in over a week.  He’s had one or two small ones, but nothing like the ones he was experiencing a couple of weeks ago.

The part that sucks: this medicine makes him crazy.  He used to be a grazer, eating his food at a slow pace and stopping when he was full.  Now we put food and water in his bowls and he scarfs them down like it’s his last meal. 

He used to sit and relax with us at night and now he’s obsessively chewing bones he hasn’t paid attention to in months and squeaking toys in our faces non stop.  Brady’s almost showing some OCD tendencies.

He also started stealing our underwear and random clothes and carrying them around the apartment, sometimes hiding them.  He did this when he was a puppy but stopped about a year and a half ago.  It’s actually pretty funny except when you have friends over and you didn’t realize your dog shoved a pair of your husbands boxers in the couch cushions.  Makes us look…well…interesting.

(This is B hiding them in his toy nook behind the couch.)

I guess we’re going to have to weigh what’s more important: having our dog be back to normal with seizures or having him act cooky and have no seizures?  My hope is that after another month or so on this medicine we can take him off and have the best of both worlds. 

Last night while I was webcamming with my parents both of our dogs started whining and my parents dog even started shaking he was so excited to hear my voice.  So naturally we let the dogs webcam for a bit:

They loved it.  I think we’ll start letting the dogs talk via webcam on a weekly basis.

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