This old thing??

I was catching up on a couple episodes of Oprah after the rugrats left on Sunday and couldn’t help but laugh when Oprah brought on Dr. Phil to list the top lies that men and women tell.

Top 4 Lies Women Tell:

  1. I’m fine. There’s nothing wrong.
  2. Oh, this isn’t new! I’ve had this old thing forever.
  3. Oh, this was cheap! I got it on sale.
  4. I’ve got a headache.

Top 4 Lies Men Tell:

  1. I’m fine. There’s nothing wrong.
  2. This is my last drink.
  3. No, that doesn’t make you look fat.
  4. Hey, I’m on the way! (But he’s not even almost on the way.)

So as I’m walking around the apartment this morning fixing the hubs his coffee and feeding the dog his crazy pill the hubs says, “Is that a new skirt?”

Crap. Why does he always have to be so observant? Couldn’t I just get one piece of clothing without him noticing? Not that he wouldn’t notice it when he checks our statements but at least then I wouldn’t be around!

So as he’s asking the question two thoughts go through my mind: tell the truth or say, “This old thing? I’ve had it forever.”

Only problem is it’s obviously brand spanking new. So I say, “Yea I got it yesterday. Isn’t it cute? And I got it with a $5 off coupon! (truth)”

It’s not like he even would have cared if I got three new skirts, better yet one with a coupon. So why are we inclined to fib about something so menial?

Has anyone out there used (or was tempted to use) one of these little white lies recently?

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