Suburbia Madness

Blogging buddy Melissa and I decided to take a trip out to suburbia this weekend to visit Target and then happened upon Wal Mart as well.  Living in the city where Targets are few and far between (and Wal Marts do not exist) makes me miss them more than I think is normal.  Just getting to browse through the aisles of Target seems like such a luxury now.  So when our husbands were sitting on the couch watching their football teams lose Melissa and I were battling traffic on the Long Island Expressway.  And I mean battling traffic.  It was awful!  Was it a big weekend in The Hamptons?  Were gas stations giving away free gas?

It took us way too long to get out there but when we finally did I believe it was worth it.  Except for the fact that I missed the memo that holiday shopping had officially started.  The parking lots were packed, traffic and rude people everywhere and crowded stores and long lines. Note to self: avoid Target and Wal Mart until the holiday season is over.

At least I scored some awesome deals on things on my shopping list and a great Halloween costume for Brady.  Stay tuned to see what he’s going to be this year.  In the mean time let’s revisit what he was last year.  A squirrel.  The world’s best squirrel.

And a quick photo I snapped of the costume section at Wal Mart.  I avoided actually going into the aisle for fear of a panic attack.

Goodbye until after the holidays, large discount stores.

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