May I Whine for a Moment?

Let me just start this off saying I am a very lucky girl and have been blessed in so many ways. But yesterday I had an awful day and I just wanna whine. And it’s my blog so I’ll do what I want.

It started two nights ago when I was talking to Melissa and she was telling me that when she came over to walk Brady for us the front gate was locked. Basically the landlord was a total jerk to her. Remember when he promised to be civil toward us? I guess we have different dictionaries.

So I woke up extra early yesterday so I could get a gate key made. When the alarm went off at five something I heard pouring rain. I was already in a bad mood thinking about my awful landlord and the pouring rain just added to my misery. Just a lovely way to start the day. I take Brady on a walk and he’s fighting the whole way considering he hates getting his precious little paws wet.

Go home, shower, get dressed and throw my hair up because in this humidity I don’t have many other options. Leave the house by seven am and realize I don’t have my headphones. Normally not a big deal but the kids like to watch videos on my phone during our hour long bus ride to (and from) school. I remember that I have a pair in our car which I am standing right next to so I grab those and am on my way. I get to the hardware store: closed. I woke up extra early for a closed hardware store?

At least I’ll be early to work. I head toward the subway and turn on some music. Only one bud of the headphones works. That means only one child can watch videos on my phone. That means trouble.

Anyway, I ride the subway for forty minutes and get off at my stop. Of course it’s raining and the umbrella I brought is broken. It goes in the trash.

Before I get to work I decide to stop at McDonalds for breakfast. Bad New Yorker, I know. I ordered 2 apples pies but only ate one. There was a homeless women walking around asking for change and I decided to give her my second. I thought maybe I could turn this day around. She would be happy to get food and I would be happy for making her happy. Except when I hand her the apple pie instead of saying thank you she says, “Well I really wanted a Sausage McMuffin.”

You’re welcome?

I get to work and am informed that Jack has come down with a cold overnight. Guess what that means? SCREAMING BABY. All day long. Screaming. Screaming. ENOUGH WITH THE SCREAMING. It’s not that it bothered me so much but we had to take Jill to school so I’m out in public with more people than I’d like to admit just staring at me.

His screaming escalated when I was dropping Jill off at school. Three private school teachers and countless Upper East Side moms and nannies just staring at me.

YES I KNOW I’M SWEATING. Do you realize how humid it is outside? Do you realize how embarrassing carrying around a screaming, coughing, inconsolable child is?

After we drop Jill off at school I head to the doctor so they can check out Jack. As we’re leaving I realize a tire on the stroller has no air and apparently needs to be replaced.

Finally when my work day was over I got on the subway only to realize I had left my one eared headphones and Nook at work. I ride the subway in silence.

I get home and watch an episode of Oprah where this couple tells their story about how they lost all three of their children in a horrific car accident. Way to make me feel awful about complaining about my day. Puts things into perspective, don’t you agree?

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