First Attempt at Caramel Apples

Last night was my night for the “dessert” portion of dinner swap with Sarah and Melissa (and husbands).  I’m normally not a fan of Halloween, but I do love caramel apples in the fall.  I remember getting one every year at the Great Frederick Fair and every year around this time I find myself craving one.

So for the first time ever I attempted to make them.  I have to say they were really quite simple.  A couple bags of individually wrapped caramels microwaved with a little milk, dip the apples, decorate, done.  The only thing is by the time we ate them the majority of the caramel had fallen off of the apples.  Next time I’ll probably refrigerate right away so that the caramel hardens more rapidly.  Regardless, I’m pretty sure everyone enjoyed themselves.

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