A Brady Style Halloween

Halloween in New York is weird.  This was the first Halloween that I was a married woman and actually in New York for Halloween.  For the past three years I have been traveling on the holiday.  First I was in New Zealand for my sister’s wedding, then I briefly lived in Long Island and was nursing a dog back to health (after stomach surgery from eating a needle) and last year I was in Pennsylvania for my niece’s third birthday.  But this year I had a friend in town from Indiana so I got to experience my first Halloween here as an official adult.

The first weird thing is that kids trick or treat in the middle of the day.  Like early…like 1pm.  Most New Yorkers are just waking up from the night before at 1pm.  The kids here almost never trick or treat at houses or apartments.  Instead they trick or treat at local businesses.  So while I was sitting there getting my nails done I saw multiple princesses, Michael Jackson, a cowboy and a ghost trick or treating in the salon.

Kinda weird.

I get to thinking, I bought Brady a Halloween costume but where is he going to wear it?  We aren’t going to have trick or treaters at our house, so that’s out.  What about to the dog park for his morning run?  No, I don’t want him to get beat up.  Let’s be honest: I only bought it so I could post pictures the next day on Facebook.

So here Brady is in his Halloween costume, as grapes.  A big bunch of grapes.  He did not wear this costume to answer the door, or go to the dog park or on a walk.  He wore it for about 30 seconds inside our guestroom.  But I did get this great picture out of it!

Brady loved dressing up so much that he BEGGED me to let him try a couple extra costumes.  Of course being the pushover that I am I obliged.

This was Brady’s favorite: A Gangsta

So fresh and so clean:

Bringing sexy back (in a number my mother in law gave me at my lingerie shower…):

Nursing wounds from a breakup:

Dawn of the dead (mummy dog):

What can I say?  The dog loves a good costume.

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