A blog about my dog.

So I try not to write every post about Jack and Jill, but considering that’s who I spend the most of my time with it just happens.  But here I am, day two writing about the dog.  The dog, the kids, the dog, the kids.  THIS IS MY LIFE.

The hubs is in LA for the week, so I decided to head over to visit one of my closest friends. We were awkward sixth graders together.  If I were at my parent’s house in Maryland I would pull out my scrapbook to prove it.  I bet Brianna’s pretty glad I’m not there.

That floating blonde head without a body is her.  Told you we were good friends. 

Anyways, two small town girls end up in New York City.  This is the stuff that dreams are made of people. 

Okay I’m not really sure where that came from.  Back to the story about the dog.  Since the hubs is away I have the car, which means I get to bring Brady to work.  I text Brianna that after work I will run home and drop Brady off and then come back out to her apartment to see her and her husband Kyle for a bit.  She says no need, she’ll just put the cats in the bedroom.

Which works out really well.  Until we all decide to see what happens when you expose her cats to a dog.  Kyle goes into the bedroom and brings out Jimmy.  You can see him featured here.

If you actually went back and re-read that post you’re probably thinking, “Oh the cat that thinks it’s a dog?  This first time meeting probably went smooth as butter.”  In those exact words.  More or less.

Except it was the opposite as smooth as butter.  YOU WERE WRONG.  Kyle put Jimmy down and he starts hissing.  Brady is hiding behind the coffee table and lets out a low growl.  Next thing I know Jimmy is lunging for Brady and Brady is making these pathetic yelping noises.  I dive for Brady as Kyle dives for Jimmy.

Apparently cat claws are pretty sharp.  Kyle loses the battle with Jimmy and Brianna grabs a blanket and jumps on top of the cat.  Meanwhile I’m trying to get Brady into their walk in pantry but realize the floor of the pantry is covered with twelve packs of A&W Root Beer.  WHO DRINKS THAT MUCH ROOT BEER?

Brianna finally wrangles the cat back into the bedroom and everyone escapes unharmed.  Except for Kyle.  He may have had a couple large gashes.  They may or may not be on his hand, mouth and top of his head.  Brianna and I spent the rest of the night asking Kyle if he was okay and then bursting into laughter.

But seriously Kyle, I hope your face gets better soon.

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