A Pound of Mints

Did I ever mention how my dad and I are like twins?  Every little quirk I have I can trace back to my dad.  So he fully understands that when I’m craving a type of food and I can’t have it I STILL NEED TO HAVE IT.

Mom would often call dad and say, “I’ve got dinner waiting” and when he got home from work he would have carryout barbecue because he just had to have it.  I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND, DAD.

So when I couldn’t find my favorite mints in New York I called my dad and he promised to take care of it.  Days later I had a package in the mail with a pound of those mints.

A month goes by and I have about five left.  The hubs knows he better not touch them or he’ll be in big trouble.  Two days later another package arrives in the mail with a note reading, “I thought you might be running low on these.  Oh, there are some vitamins in there too but the important stuff has chocolate.”

I love that my dad understands my need to have certain foods and doesn’t give me the side eye about asking him to mail me a pound of mints.

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