Weird and Random

Well I promised I’d try to have something weird and random happen to me and here it is:

Unfortunately it also revolves around children so if you thought I was going to break my blogging about being a nanny streak you would be wrong.

This morning I’m getting breakfast ready for the kiddos like I do every morning. My back to the kids, facing the counter and buttering toast. Next thing I know a sharp pain is running through my upper thigh. The back side of my thigh right under my derriere. Is the back side of your leg still considered thigh? Regardless, I digress.

I immediately yell “OW!!” and turn around to find Jack’s mouth lingering over my leg and a sly smile on his face.

This kid is almost a perfect baby (except when he doesn’t get a nap, but then again I digress) so I was completely shocked to find that he had bitten me. And not just a tiny bite but a “Damn! This hurts!” kinda bite.

I picked him up, bring him into the living room scolding him the whole way. I put him in a chair and tell him that he’s in time out for two minutes, you do not bite, that hurts me et cetera, et cetera.

He starts wailing which I of course ignore. I bet my leg hurts more than sitting on a chair for two minutes!

After his time out is through I go over to him and explain why we don’t bite and ask him to say, “I’m sorry.” Nothing. I ask again. Nothing. Okay, sit here for one more minute and then we’ll try again.

I finally get the tiniest little “sorry” out of him before telling him I love him and giving him a hug. I then proceed to the bathroom where I pull down my jeans and realized this kid broke skin. He bit me so hard right under my butt that he broke skin THROUGH MY JEANS.

He’s currently peacefully napping while I’m icing my butt.

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