Maternity Shoot

Sunday I found myself shooting pictures with the beautiful Melissa and husband Tristan in parts of Manhattan I never knew existed.  Did you know Manhattan has a light house?  It does.

The morning started off with Tristan’s hair not cooperating, so while Melissa and I gabbed and gawked at little tiny baby clothes he ran down to get his hair cut.  You gotta love that about New York: at 9am on a Sunday morning you can get your hair cut.  So when his hair was finally just right we hit the road.

First stop: the light house.  But as we were walking I couldn’t help stare at the beautiful fall colors.  I always regret missing the leaves changing since New York doesn’t have an abundance of trees.  But head to any city park and you will certainly get your fix.

Then we headed under the George Washington Bridge, where Melissa wanted to snap a few photos.  This is one of Melissa’s favorite from under the bridge, and I have to agree:

Next place Melissa wanted to stop was The Cloisters.  I had never been and was pretty excited about getting to go for the first time.  It was only eight blocks away from the light house.  An easy walk, no?  No.

We walked for what seemed to be an hour, me carrying 30 pounds of camera equipment and having to pee like nobody’s business.  Melissa is carrying a child the size of some kind of fruit and Tristan was carrying quite a few bags.  Finally we get to where The Cloisters are and realize they are across the highway.  And there’s no way to get there.  No overpass, no underpass.

After pulling out our phones and looking up directions we realize that the only way to get to the cloisters is literally to backtrack the mile we just walked, cross the bridge WE ALREADY CROSSED and walk a mile back.

Did I mention I had to pee?  Like, really bad.

There were no signs of a public restroom or a Starbucks anywhere, which in Manhattan is a really weird feeling.  The highway to the right and the Hudson River to the left.  We turn to backtrack and I start saying, “No, no.  There has to be a better way.”  Finally someone passes us and I ask directions.  Just a couple more blocks and there’s an underpass.  HALLELUJAH.

When we finally make it to The Cloisters it was worth every second of the ridiculous trip up there.  Absolutely stunning scenery and views in all directions.

This next one is one of my personal favs.  Doesn’t Melissa just omit the “glowing mom to be” look?

This last shot was Melissa’s idea and it quickly became one of my favorite pictures of the day.  After quite a few hours of shooting, and Tristan missing his football team’s first win of the season (what a good husband!) I think we have some pretty great shots!  Soon enough we’ll be shooting pictures of their son!

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