Change of Plans

Yesterday I quit my job.  And then I’m pretty sure I got fired.

Okay, okay.  I know you’re thinking, “What?  I thought you loved your job?  Where did this come from?”  To be quite honest I absolutely loved little Jack and Jill, but their mother (let’s call her Helen) was pure hell.

Their backstory is Helen is a single mom by choice.  She had both children with a sperm donor.  I completely understand the desire to have children, but to bring TWO into this world without a father and with no time to devote to them just is straight selfish.  And after working for her for three months I also understand why she has never been married.

For the last three months I have been working 10-12 hours a day.  When I got to work at 8:30 every morning the children’s diapers had not been changed from the night before, they had not been fed breakfast, teeth had not been brushed…the list could go on.  A couple of times I came in around 10am for various reasons and diapers were still left on from the night before, the children were not fed (et cetera, et cetera).  So first thing I would do is change the diapers, and make Jill who is potty training use the potty.  Then I would start breakfast, administer medications, brush teeth, put on school clothes, style hair (and the list goes on). 

The past two weeks have been especially stressful on the children because Helen finally moved them from their apartment on the west side to the one on the east side.  But to complicate matters, Helen’s mother owns the apartment next door and is doing construction.  So literally for the past two weeks neither child has had a nap.  Add two tired children onto an already world changing move (Jill kept asking if she could go back to her apartment in the city, not realizing that she still lived within Manhattan’s elite boundaries) and the kids are bound to show their stress in various ways. 

One thing I noticed is that they would barely eat.  Things that they loved a week before they now would not touch.  Coupled with the not sleeping and never seeing their mother these kids started getting cranky.  They started crying for no apparent reason and not sleeping through the nights.

Did I forget to mention that she has two night nannies, that would often times relieve me around 6pm and stay until Helen got home around 10pm?

But even with all of this added together, I still wasn’t miserable.  The things that started to really make me upset were Helen coming home an hour later than she told me she would be (which is a big deal after I’ve already been there 12 hours!) and her obvious neglect on the children’s hygienic and emotional health.  She even had the nerve to show up an hour late ON MY ANNIVERSARY after I had told her weeks in advance I had plans, and of course reminded her that morning.

My boiling point came when I began to realize that she never told the children goodbye.  Like, never.  She would get ready for work and then just walk out the door.  ARE YOU KIDDING?  I even give my dog more attention than that when I leave for work!  I don’t think I’ll ever forget the day I brought Brady to work with me and as Helen was leaving precious little Jill says, “Mommy I want a hug and a kiss.”  and Helen says, “The elevator is here.  Brady will give you a kiss.”


I never once saw her change a diaper, give a bottle, give a bath, dress a child or even worse than all of the above: say I love you.

As much as I loved these children I was not their mother.  I dressed them, I potty trained them, I bathed them, I fed them three meals and two snacks a day, I took them to the doctor, to music class, to school and to play dates.  I loved them and I told them so.

Yesterday I told Helen I didn’t think I was cut out for this job, that it was too much on me physically.  I wanted to make it about me, and not put the blame on her (where it was deserved).  Her face got colder than I knew was possible and she basically told me that every issue the children ever had was my fault.  That all of the changes the children have been experiencing in the past few weeks all directly relate back to me.

She told me that I was effectively done working with her children, except could I come back on Monday because she had a business trip?  And then I would be fired.  Get a reality check lady.

And just so you all know: no I did not quit with no job to turn to.  A job at one of my absolute favorite fashion empires fell into my lap.  I did not send out a resume, I did not go out searching for this job.  It literally fell into my lap.  More on that later.

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