So what’s the new job?

Well, I can’t say.  Obviously if we’re talking in person I can tell you what company I work for but as for the world of the internet my lips are sealed.  Mainly because in today’s day and age people are getting fired left and right for using the internet as a voice to talk about their jobs.

And because of the full page in my contract titled “Blogging Policy” that forbids mention of the company name.

And come on you guys, I don’t want to get fired before I even start.

Yes, like I mentioned in my last post this job literally fell into my lap.  A couple of months ago a friend mentioned that one of his dad’s co-workers was looking for a new assistant, and was I interested?  At the time I actually said no.  I had just started my job as a nanny and I was really enjoying myself.  I felt really lucky to get to spend my days with two adorable children, walking around Manhattan, visiting the zoo and The Met.

Then a couple of months later my friend asked again if I wanted the job.  I figured this time I might as well just send my resume.  I sent my resume on a Sunday and by 9am Monday morning I had an interview set up.  I went in a couple of days later and the rest is history.

The new job seriously could not have come at a more perfect time.  I was at my limits with Helen and was about to quit even before I had my official offer from the new company.  I just couldn’t deal with her for one more second.  But the hubs urged me to stick it out until I got word, which came officially Thursday of last week.

My new position is at a fashion label, as a personal assistant.  I am actually assisting someone in the technology department which is kind of ironic because I finally get an awesome job in fashion and I’ll be in a department more suited for my husband or father.

But anyways, I’m really excited about the new opportunities the timing of this new job.  For the first time every I get a whole week off for Thanksgiving.  Maryland, here I come!

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