Alone again, alone again (jiggity jig)

Up until Friday night I thought I had the hubs in town until mid January.  He normally travels once or twice a month, so to have him business trip free for two whole months was pretty exciting.

So as we’re driving to my in-laws to celebrate Thanksgiving with them over the weekend the hubs gets a call.  They need him in Australia.  In two days.

This was a trip we were hoping to take together, but his company ultimately decided he didn’t need to go.  Fast forward to Friday night and he gets a call that a co-worker has had a death in the family and they need him for the trip.  The worst part is we were hoping to take this trip together, and now he’s leaving on my first day of work at my new job.  Did I mention he needed to leave in two days?

So here I am on Monday morning, starting a brand new job and sending the hubs off on a two week trip.  Once again I’m stressed about being the sole caretaker of a dog who will only go to the bathroom in a park a mile away, about parallel parking the car every day so we don’t get parking tickets, about taking out trash and about having to figure out what I’m going to eat for three meals a day.  

What?  Doesn’t everyone else’s husband do the cooking?

Not to mention that I’ll be coming home ready to tell the love of my life all about how my snazzy new job is doing and he’ll be 10,000 miles and a day ahead of me. 

I think the worst part of this whole thing is that the hubs gets to go somewhere he’s never been but his trip is dampened because he’s sad to leave me at home.  I really am excited for him to have this opportunity, just jealous I don’t get to enjoy it with him.

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