When the hubs found out that he was needed to jump on a last minute flight to Australia I was pretty upset. I may or may not have even cried. The thought of coming home to a husband-less house for the first two weeks of my new job was really upsetting. Add that to the fact that we wouldn’t even get to talk or email while he’s away. The hotel he’s staying at is so remote that they have to generate their own energy. So cell service is obviously not going to be available.

Literally the one thing I was excited to do while he was gone was send out our Christmas cards. Our card this year at least rivals the one we sent out last year.

According to UPS tracking our cards were scheduled to arrive in the hubs’s office Monday morning. Great, just when he’s about to board a 22 hour flight. Luckily my darling husband arranged to have one of his coworkers send them to our apartment.

Tuesday after work I get to my apartment and there’s a tag on the door. They attempted delivery but I wasn’t home to sign. Okay, I sign the slip and leave it on the door Wednesday morning. By the time I got home Wednesday I was practically skipping I was so excited. THE CHRISTMAS CARDS ARE HERE!!! I had a project to keep me busy all night!

But as I approached my front door instead of seeing a bright gleaming package full of my Christmas cards I see the door tag still stuck to my front door. Anger starts to pour over me as I removed it from the door and read the scratch handwriting of the delivery man: “Must sign in person.”

MUST SIGN IN PERSON? What about people that have jobs?? I call my mom fuming (because I can’t call the hubs!) and rehash the situation. FedEx was open until 8:15pm, but in order to get to the other end of Queens I’d have to drive. And lose my parking spot. AND I HATE LOOKING FOR PARKING SPOTS.

The genius that my mother is suggested that I just take a cab. WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT? Next thing I know I’m in a cab and on my way to pick up my cards. YES!!!!

When I get to FedEx I ask my driver to just wait there, I’ll be back in a flash. I get to the counter and hand the lady my door tag and license.

FedEx Lady: Do you have an ID with the address listed on this door tag?

Me: Crap.

The FedEx lady then wanders away and I see the sign posted “Must have ID with address listed on package.” Again, crap. A minute later she reappears and tells me that the driver is still en route and won’t be back until 8pm. It’s currently 7:30pm.

Me: Can I sign IN PERSON right now and they can deliver it to my house tomorrow?

FedEx Lady: No, you must sign in person at time of delivery.

Me: Crap.

So I have three options:

1. Leave, take another cab tomorrow and try again.

2. Quit my new job and wait for the package to arrive.


I decide to wait. I run outside, pay the cab driver and apologize and head back inside. 8pm comes and goes and my driver is not back. 8:15 comes and FedEx is officially closed. My driver is still not back. Finally, by 8:30 my name was called and my package arrived.

After finding a cab to take me back home and giving the driver directions because he had no idea where he was going I was finally home. I addressed all of the envelopes, stuffed and sealed and then went to get my stamps. I only had 40. I ordered more last week but they’ve yet to arrive. And I have way more than 40 cards to send. I stamped the first 40 cards and put them in the mail. So some of you should expect to get a card from me tomorrow. Others of you will have to wait until I get more stamps. And the rest of you: well this is the internet. Who knows who’s actually reading this? You’ll just have to wait until I post the card to the internet world.

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