The Magic Behind the Card

Here’s our big dirty secret: it’s two photos.

The hubs thought it would be easier to keep the camera mounted on the tripod, shoot us on self timer and then shoot Brady separately.  I objected at first.  Would it look authentic?  Is that considered Christmas card cheating?

But I went along with the hubs’s grand plan, and have to say he did a great job pulling it off.

First, I watched numerous YouTube videos about how to get my hair into a beehive hairstyle.  Then I tried to get the cookies to stay on the cookie pan.  I tried peanut butter at first, but the organic peanut butter the hubs bought (the kind with the oil on top) was just too thin.  Wasn’t working.  So I switched to cream cheese.  Worked like a charm.

Here’s what our mini-photo shoot looked like:

Trying out poses while the hubs got the camera set up:

Take one.  This one doesn’t exactly scream “1950’s Christmas Card”:

Um, I think we need to fix the self timer…

Our final pose, dog nose and all:

Brady’s final pose:

There you have it.  Brady sat still because I was bribing him with treats, the cookies stayed put with cream cheese and our Christmas card is really 2 photos, not one.

A Christmas Miracle.


  1. dorothy says:

    didn’t you have a tacky sweater one before these three christmas cards? i can’t remember. 🙂

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