Home Improvement

We recently got a sky high electric bill due to the meter reader coming out and giving us three months worth of bill adjustments.  Meaning our bill was triple what it has been.  So we decided one thing we could try to do is change our lights to energy efficient ones.  And literally an hour later we had friends over and one complimented our lighting.  Energy efficient and pleasing to the eye.

And remember my obsession with these mints (here and here)?  Melissa had noticed them sitting on our coffee table in a zip lock bag and stumbled upon this glass baggie replica.  Do you think it’s strange that I’m so obsessed with these mints that I have friends buying me a container dedicated to my mints?  Because I think it’s completely normal.

And do you think that it’s weird that in the last six months I’ve blogged about these mints at least three times?  Yea, I didn’t think so either.

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