Fancy Plates

This weekend we hosted our weekly Dinner Swap.  Recently it’s become “every couple of weeks dinner swap” with holiday events, the hubs’s travel schedule and the impending birth of Melissa’s son.  We decided that with the holidays quickly approaching this would be our last swap of the year.  And possibly our last swap without a newborn.  I guess after their son is born it will be more of a “bring the new parents meals so they don’t go crazy” instead of a “dinner swap”.  Although let me tell you, it was fascinating to hear about the ten million options parents have to “wear” their children.

As the hubs and I were preparing dinner (Yes, I helped.  Well, sort of.) I decided that we should pull out our fancy plates.  You know, the ones we got when we got married but haven’t used one time since.  And our matching fancy silverware. 

It’s the small things that get me all jazzed up.

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