The hubs’s step brother Chris and his wife Tammy came to visit this weekend. It was the first time that I’ve gotten to spend time with them outside of the holidays. Whenever we see them it’s always for Christmas or Easter or a birthday. So it was really nice to just get to sit on the couch with them, catch up, drink Three Buck Chuck and play some board games.

While we were chatting on Friday night Chris mentioned that one of his friend’s dogs has seizures that sound identical to Brady’s (face frozen, falls over, urinates on himself). Chris said that their friend’s vet traced these seizures back to Advantix, the flea/tick preventative. The same one we use on Brady. This morning I sat down to my computer and googled the topic. And what do you know? Tons and tons of stories from pet owners come up, all with heartbreaking stories leading back to Advantix. Dogs that have gotten cancer, dogs that died within days, rashes, seizures. And the list goes on.

Apparently Advanitx is actually a pesticide, one that I naively applied to my dog every month. One that was causing him pain and seizures. And all along I thought that I was protecting him.

One of the worst parts about all of this is that it was almost like Brady was trying to tell me that Advantix hurts him. Every month when I would go to put it on him he would run and hide. He wouldn’t even sit still for bits of steak. The hubs and I just chalked it up to our dog being quirky, once again. When his seizures started we assumed they were from lifestyle change and stress. Now my gut tells me it’s because I put pesticide on his back.

I am beyond devastated that all this time I thought I was protecting my little man, instead I’ve been causing him pain and suffering. He’s getting lots of extra snuggles tonight!!

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