Rice Catastrophe

In preparation for our weekly dinner swap I found this recipe for home made twix.  I thought it would be the perfect dessert for tonight’s dinner.  I went to the store and got all of the ingredients (much harder to do in New York City than you would imagine), got home and got started.  Only to realize the rice in the shortbread layer needs to be ground small enough that it can pass through a fine sieve. 

Unfortunately this calls for a spice grinder.  Not only do I not have a spice grinder, but I’ve never even heard of a spice grinder.  Why do I need to grind spices?  So I throw the rice in our hand held food processor and turn it on.  Thirty seconds later I turn it off and take a peak at the rice.  It’s still in mint condition.  Definitely not going to be passing through a fine sieve anytime soon.

Hmm…what to do next?  I try the other attachment to the chopper.  I’ve never used this attachment before but I figure it’s my best shot.  I put the rice in a deep bowl and start the grinder.  Immediately rice is flung all over the kitchen.  In my hair, crevices on the stove, behind the microwave and not to mention all over the floor.

Brady immediately lunges for the rice that has fallen on the floor.  Uncooked rice, really Brady? 

I tried to clean up the kitchen (and my hair) as best I could, but when the hubs got home and asked, “Why is there rice everywhere?” I couldn’t help but giggle to myself and respond, “Um, I don’t know.  That’s really weird.  Oh and by the way, can you pick up a cake on your way home tomorrow?”

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