Making Memories

This past weekend the hubs and I decided to drive down to Maryland for Friday dinner. Every Friday when we were living in Maryland we went out to dinner with my parents, and every Friday afternoon we would all call “not it”. No one ever wanted to be responsible for choosing the restaurant.

So a couple of weeks ago I called my dad and filled him in on our plan to come home for dinner, and hopefully surprise Mom. We even chose a restaurant.

As we were driving through my parents development Brady knew exactly where we were. He was literally screaming he was so excited. I kept telling the hubs to put the petal to the metal because I couldn’t stand to hear the dog’s cries any longer.

We had so much fun spending the weekend with my parents, with no holiday agendas or things to do. Possibly the highlight of the weekend was when Mom decided to make me a chocolate martini. And used about 6 shots of alcohol. Hubs was the only one smart enough to decline the drink and as a result he was the only one able to stay up past 8pm.

Ah, memories.

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