Baby Yogurt

I’ve been trying to eat one yogurt every morning because my momma says it’s good for my health. Calcium and strong bones and all that jazz. But I hate yogurt just like I hate almost all breakfast foods.

Eggs: Yuck.

Pastries of any sort: Gross (Remember, I had a rice crispy treat wedding cake because I don’t like cake. Which falls under the pastry category.)

Bagels: Eh, only if it’s an authentic NYC bagel (yes suburbanites, there is a difference)

Yogurt: GAG

Don’t get me wrong, I do eat breakfast. It’s just normally in the form of last night’s leftover pizza and mac and cheese. Yes, I am seven.

I decided that since Jean is so adamant for my daily intake of calcium to appease her by gagging myself every morning with a yogurt. I figured the yogurt would at least cancel out the Pepsi I chase it down with. I settled on Stonyfield Organic SMOOTH AND CREAMY. Very important. If it has chunks in it I ain’t eatin it.

But this week my local grocery store was out of the smooth and creamy varieties. Right next to the adult version was a smaller kid version. I figured, “This can’t be so bad. Maybe it’ll even give me extra vitamins and other healthy necessities that I can’t be bothered trying to get on my own. Plus it’s two ounces smaller! Definite bonus.” Apparently there aren’t a lot of vitamins in pizza. Or mac and cheese.

This morning I had a two hour delay from work, so I broke out one of my kid friendly yogurts and ate about half of it before turning the container around to look at the ingredients:

Whole Milk, check

Organic Strawberry Puree, check

Organic Banana Puree, check

Organic Oat Flour, check

Organic Flaxseed Concentrate, check

Fish Oil, huh? That’s not in the adult version.

Anchovy Oil (gag), Sardine Oil (stomach is turning), Tilapia Fish Gelatin (ohmygosh I’m going to throw up)

I tried my best to control my rumbling stomach and gag reflex as I quickly put the rest of the yogurt container on the floor for Brady to finish. I figured as his mother I should try my best to make sure he receives all of the vitamins and calcium to make him a healthy boy.

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