Warby Parker

A couple of months back hubs and I were chatting with our friend Casey who was telling us she just ordered a new pair of frames from Warby Parker. Basically they’re the Netflix of eyewear. You go on their website, choose up to five frames you would like to try and they mail them to you free of charge. After you’ve admired yourself from all angles tried them all on you simply mail them back in the pre-paid envelope. (You can bypass this step if you live in NYC where you can try on frames at their office in Union Square.)

They’ll send you back the frames of your choice with lenses all for $95. Incredible, right?

Hubs placed his order (he went with Miles) and within a week he had his new frames. This brand new small business is on to something.

The best part? For every pair of frames ordered Warby Parker will donate a pair to someone in need.

It’s times like this I curse my perfect vision and bone structure that practically begs for a pair of frames.

Brady channeling Daddy. Or looking very intently at a treat. You decide.

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