Bookworming (A New Verb)

I’ve always bit a bit of a bookworm. In the last year I’ve devoured book after book, averaging at least one a week. After a while it becomes a bit of a task trying to find a series that I haven’t read and will keep my interest. I finally decided to give The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series a chance. Normally I’m pretty skeptical about super popular series and all of the hype. I caved a couple of months back to my “not reading popular series” and read the Twilight series. I was less than impressed.

The first book in the Millennium trilogy started out slow. Then about a hundred pages in it just took off. I quickly read every word of that book and then did the same with the other two books in the series. I couldn’t stop talking about these books so the hubs decided he should give them a shot. He’s not a bookworm. He’ll read one book a year when we go to the beach for a week. But thanks to an iPad and a Nook app he started reading the books as well. He told me he’s anxious to finish the last 80 pages in the book so he can find out the answer to the mystery. So we’re sitting on the couch reading in tandem and I stopped to let my heart swell a bit. A bookworm couple. Aww.

Fast forward to the next morning and I still have my nose stuck in a book, this time on the subway on my way to work. I had just started a new book and it was getting good. Then I realize the time between stations seems much longer than it should be. I look up and realize I’m on an express train and I’ve missed my stop. Since it’s an express train I’m now five stops too far past my office.

Womp womp.

Bookworming isn’t always so productive.

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