Superbowl Snacks

I decided for the Superbowl to make cupcakes with oreo truffle shaped footballs on top.  I had to improvise from my original plan because the only cake supply store in the city is only open during business hours so I had to use things I already had in the pantry.  Which also means this recipe costs a lot less than the one I was originally planning to make. 

I wonder if husbands banned together and convinced the cake supply store to have such ridiculous hours so their wives wouldn’t be able to stop in after work and spend way too much money.

To make these show stoppers just make oreo truffles as usual and then form into a football shape.  I may have had to look at a picture of a football while making these because my were turning out very un-football like.

Dip footballs in chocolate, decorate with white chocolate.  Viola!  Oreo Truffle Football cupcakes!

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