This hurts me more than it hurts you.

Brady has a bit of a problem. You see he refuses to go to the bathroom on the sidewalk. He will only go in parks. For me. For the hubs he will go on the sidewalk. So I guess technically it’s not Brady’s problem, it’s my problem.

Let’s start over.

I have a problem. My dog has me so well trained that he refuses to go to the bathroom on the sidewalk. He knows if he holds out long enough I will take him all the way to the park on every walk. And I do. Two times a day I walk Brady to the park (and pay a dog walker to take him a third time while I’m at work).

Every night before bed the hubs runs Brady downstairs and Brady pees. On the sidewalk. Every time I try: no pee.

So while the hubs is on a business trip this week I decide that I will train Brady to pee on the sidewalk for me. Before we go to bed I take him downstairs and repeat over and over “Brady, go potty. GO POTTY. Brady!! Pee on the damn sidewalk!!”


The dog will not pee for me. He’s just waiting for me to give in and walk him to the park.

But I decide to teach him a lesson. I march him back inside and send him to bed with no bedtime treat. I tell him, “This hurts me more than it hurts you” as I watch him disappear under the bed.

I always thought my parents were full of it when they said that, but now I know that it was actually true.

You were right Mom and Dad.

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