The hubs and I first spotted this clock over a year ago when we were staying in a hotel. We couldn’t find the aqua color anywhere, and the yellow color that we could find just wasn’t doing it for us. When I found the aqua color last week we immediately ordered it.

The clock arrived yesterday and when I got home from work I set the time and then tried to set the alarm.  And then couldn’t figure out how to set the alarm.  And then read the instruction manual and still couldn’t figure out how to set the alarm.

After tinkering with it for far too long I finally gave up and asked the hubs to figure it out.  He does do technical support for a living, I figured he’d be able to figure it out.  A couple of minutes later the hubs had it figured out.

What would I do without him?

At 5:30 this morning I look at the clock and think it says 6:30 so I jump up and then look at my phone and realize I can’t read time.  I spent the whole summer teaching a kid that when the little hand is between two numbers that it’s always the lesser number.  And here I am at 5:30 in the morning forgetting my own lesson.

I get back in bed and fall back asleep.  An hour later there’s a bright light blinking in my face.  That’s right, the alarm blinks a blinding light in your face five minutes before the alarm goes off.  BLINK BLINK BLINK.

All morning I’ve been seeing that light blink in my face.  Not a fan.

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