Colton’s Newborn Photos

This weekend I got the honor of shooting Colton’s newborn photos. I dragged the hubs along since he happens to be quite the photographer. The majority of the shoot I held the camera and he was my digital tech (he set it up so we could see the images on the computer as we shot, like on a real photoshoot). Then when an idea struck him I handed off the camera so he could shoot a few. This was the first time we ever shot together and I have to say: I think we make a pretty good team.

I love this next shot which showcases Melissa’s gorgeous rings. The ring on her right hand was a gift from her husband after Colton was born. And for those of you who care, the idea behind this shot was mine, but the hubs executed it quite perfectly.

We were so excited to shoot this new little family. Colton was a dream model, quiet and content for the whole shoot (and then slept for the next hour while we ate lunch)! We’re so excited to watch this little man grow up!

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