Hostess Cake Pops

Last night I got to catch up with friends Tomi and Ferris.  They both have known the hubs since freshman year of college while all three were studying photography.  Tomi made an amazing meal while I naturally made dessert.

The only problem is that by the time I left about 10:30pm (already half an hour past my very strict bedtime) it would take nearly and hour in public transit to get to my apartment.  I finally get home and turn off the light at 11:45pm and instantly fall asleep.

Fifteen minutes later the hubs’ phone is blaring.  Alarm?!?  It’s time to wake up??  No!!!!!  Must get more sleep.

Oh, that was just the phone?  I can get more sleep!  Thank the Lord!

Wait, who in the world is calling at midnight?  Wrong number, of course.

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