I’m going to need to see some identification.

Sunday morning I woke up to beautiful weather and decided to stop being lazy and take Brady to his favorite park. During the colder winter months I had only been taking him to the playground a couple of blocks away. But if he were given a choice (and the ability to talk) he would definitely choose the big park where he can run off leash with the other doggies. The rules are that dogs are allowed off leash until 9pm until 9am the following morning. So every morning around 8am dog owners and their doggies gather and socialize. We’ve formed a little community; one where we know each other’s doggie’s names better than we know each others.

So right on time at 8am Brady and I get to the park and he starts running around with the other dogs, eating sticks and begging for attention from the other dog owners. I just love watching that little guy enjoy himself and bask in all the attention he receives. Next thing I know two police officers are walking down the hill toward us.

Uh oh.

“What’s the problem, Officer?” someone asks sweetly.

“We’re going to need you to leash your dogs and see all of your IDs.”

“We’ll gladly leash our dogs, but they are allowed off leash until 9am.”

The officers continue to tell us that their station patrol has told them no dogs are allowed off leash at the park. They need our IDs. Everyone stands motionless. We’re allowed to be here. Then one of the officers says, “If one of you doesn’t give me and ID I’m writing you all tickets right now.”

Fine. I pull out my ID and hand it to the officer. She studies it for an extended period of time. I can promise you that I didn’t bring a fake ID to the park. The officer walks away all the while still holding my ID. I see her on the phone with her station and then she comes back. She says they’re looking up the law.

So do you mean to tell me that you came here to give me a ticket but you aren’t sure of the law? That sounds brilliant. One of the other girls at the park pulls out her phone and Googles the law. She shows the law stating we have the right to have our dogs off leash until 9am.

Officer walks away again, calls dispatch.

She returns a third time and says that she’s not sure what the law is, so she’s going to leave. They’ll be back at 9am and we better be gone.

Right before she leaves I ask, “Officer, did someone call and complain that we were here?”

Yes, yes they did. Someone seriously called at 8am on a Sunday to complain that a couple of dogs were playing together at the park? Unbelievable. Really truly unbelievable.

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