A Jean-ism

Over the weekend while the hubs was in California on business I decided to go down to Maryland to visit my parents. Or rather my mom was all, “Won’t you be lonely? Come visit us. Pleaseeee?”

So Friday night Brady and I made the drive down and woke up bright and early Saturday. I had tons of errands I wanted to run, so mom and I hopped in the car and we were off.

Literally the second we got on the highway we hear a whole bunch of clanging and start to smell smoke. Mom pulls over on the side of the highway and I get out (since her door was on the traffic side) and look around. No flat tire like I had expected…

She hit a man!

Just kidding. That’s the tow truck guy. We thought he was going to get hit about a million times considering he was basically flailing about into oncoming traffic.

Now hang on while I use really technical words so I explain what happened. I know a ton about cars. The whole bottom side thingamabober of the car was dragging. Apparently when she got her oil changed the guy didn’t screw it back on properly. It was a pretty simple fix after we got it back to the repair shop. Too bad it took us breaking down on the highway and having to call a tow truck to get a couple of bolts screwed in properly.

This whole time my mom is freaking out, saying she feels sick and I’m thinking “Damn, now I’m not going to have enough time to get my jewelry cleaned. Priorities people!”

After about half an hour the car was towed away and my dad had come to pick us up. As we’re walking to his car he isn’t watching where he’s going and slams himself head first into a low tree branch. My mom immediately starts freaking out and was on the verge of tears. I just started cracking up and thinking, “This is so going in the blog.”

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