Sick as a Dog

As I was driving back to New York on Sunday I noticed a couple of bumps on Brady’s head.  From feeling them I thought they were ticks, so I pulled over at the first exit to check them out.  I’m slightly paranoid considering the dog loves a good poop in the woods and I can not use flea or tick medication on him.  You know, because of the seizures.

But as I was scouring his head and getting lots of growls from the little man I didn’t see any ticks.  Just bumps that almost looked like pimples.  When I got home I pointed them out to the hubs and he said they looked like a spider bite and he should be fine.

I woke up yesterday morning and I could swear he had gotten a couple more.  He had two “bites” on his nose and a couple appeared on his back.  I told the hubs if this kept up I wanted to take him to the vet, but he said he didn’t think there were anymore than the night before.  I think he thinks I’m a little bit paranoid when it comes to the health of our boy, but seriously, can you blame me?

After work the three of us are cuddling on the couch, the hubs petting the dog.  Suddenly he turns to me and says, “I think we need to go to the vet.”

Um, what?  I’m always the paranoid one.  I don’t think in the three years we’ve had this leg breaking, needle swallowing, seizure having dog has hubs ever been the first one to say “We need to go to the vet.”  Apparently one of these “spider bites” popped and it freaked out the hubs a bit.  I immediately dial our vet who is open until 9pm on weeknights.  God Bless New York City’s late hours.

A couple of minutes later we’re in the vet’s office and she determines Brady has had some kind of allergic reaction.  We were sent home with a bill and the recommendation to give him Benadryl.  Hey!  At least it’s not fleas!

The Benadryl almost immediately knocked Brady out and he looked drugged the rest of the night.  Hubs and I gave him plenty of snuggles between making fun of him and taking pictures.

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