I haven’t been the best blogger this week but give me a break. First the dog was sick and now I’m dealing with my own ailments. Went home from work early yesterday and laid on the couch until bed time. Except for that time that the dog was hiding under the dining room table because we sold the chairs and it’s now the only place in the apartment that he can fit under. Only problem is I can also fit under the table. Brady does not like me sharing his hiding spots.

Decided to suck it up and come in today and try to keep my germs to myself. Between the spells of dizziness, sore throat and leaky faucet of a nose I’m surviving.

I should have lots of pictures to share with you in the future, but at the moment everything is not quite right. Hubs and I have been on a decorating frenzy, and our apartment is quickly going from recent grad to young adult chic.

Right now I’m pretty ecstatic that it’s Friday, that the hubs and I are both home for the weekend and that the temperatures will be in the 50’s with sunny skies. Long live the weekend.

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